Spencer’s Tableware sells vintage (used) quality china brands, the vast majority of which are out of production. We also provide a market for the purchase of vintage china in good condition from our customers. We sell china as individual pieces or complete sets as required. We source our stock from suppliers which include private customers, dealers, house clearances, antique fairs, flea markets, specialist and other second‐hand shops.

We buy from suppliers located throughout Europe and America. We sell to customers worldwide.

Pricing Policy:

Our prices are inclusive of the following costs in providing you service:

1. The cost price of the merchandise (the price we paid) which also includes transport, postage,           customs import duties, courier fees & car running costs
2. The rarity & condition of the merchandise (out of production, ease of purchase of new stock)
3. Business costs (rent, staff salaries, pension contributions, insurance & other shop operating           costs)
4. Preparation of the merchandise (cleaning, quality check & item matching)
5. Warehouse storage of the merchandise until the point of sale (we can’t stock everything in the       shop)
6. Out of shop working hours spent sourcing the merchandise (attendance at antique fairs, flea           markets, customer home visits ‐ all outside shop opening times)

For more information on our service concept and pricing, please click on the link: Concept (PDF)